Mssql Server Comparison

Microsoft SQL server is the most popular and advanced Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) by Microsoft. It is basically a software-based product and its primary role is storage and retrieval of data as per the request of the applications on either the same system or a system on another network. It supports large applications with […]

which stupids manages the yahooo

1998: Yahoo, Google’ı 1 milyon $’a satın almayı reddetti 2002: Yahoo hatasını anladı ve Google’a 3 milyar $ önerdi Google 5 milyar $ isteyince vazgeçti 2008: Microsoft Yahoo’yu 40 milyar $’a almak istedi Yahoo reddetti 2016: Verizon 4,6 milyar $’a Yahoo’yu aldı..

servlet vs RESTful web service

REST is a software architecture “style”; Servlet is a server-side technology. You can, for example, implement REST-like services using Servlets.  Servlets are Java specific but RESTful web services are not. Servlets are API but RESTful is not. RESTful web service can use Servlets as there implementation but vice versa is not true. Servlets can run […]

Drive alternatives

Google Drive alternatives: Best picks Google Drive is free and convenient, but it doesn’t care about your privacy. It scans and analyzes your data and retains the right to do whatever it wants with it. However, there are secure cloud drives that protect your business contracts, budgets and personal journals. No one should be able […]

Java & AI

Introduction In this article, we’ll go over an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) libraries in Java. Since this article is about libraries, we’ll not make any introduction to AI itself. Additionally, theoretical background of AI is necessary in order to use libraries presented in this article. AI is a very wide field, so we will be […]