Java SE Technologies – Jave SE Platform at a Glance


Java SE Technologies

The following conceptual diagram illustrates the components of Oracle’s Java Platform Products:

Jave SE Platform at a Glance

Java Conceptual Design - Java Technologies

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JAVA TV API and JCP Specifications


Related JCP Specifications

Name JSR Description

Java TV API 927 Provides access to digital television services:

  • Audio/video streaming
  • Conditional access
  • Access to in-band and out-of-band data channels
  • Access to service information
  • Tuner control for channel changing
  • On-screen graphics control
  • Media synchronization
  • Application life-cycle management
Connected Device Configuration 36 Supports connected devices like smart phones, set-top boxes and office equipment.
Foundation Profile(FP) 46 Provides application support classes (such as network and I/O) for platforms without a standards-based GUI system. This JSR also includes specifications for three security optional packages.
Personal Basis Profile (PBP) 129 Provides a standards-based GUI framework for supporting lightweight components. It provides the same application support classes as FP, and adds support for the xlet application model.