Initial Magnetic Field Distribution Around High Rectangular Bus Bars Grigore A. Cividjian 1


Vol. 11, No. 4 (special issue), December 2014, 523-534


Abstract: The one-dimensional transient electromagnetic field in and around a
system of two nonmagnetic homogenous rectangular high thin bars can be
analytically evaluated if the ratio of average initial magnetic field on the two
sides of thin bar, or of the ratio of initial magnetic fields in middle of the bar
height is known. In this paper, using appropriate conformal mappings, an exact
analytical solution for these ratios are proposed in the case of very thin bars.
Obtained values are compared with FEM results for relatively thick bars.
Keywords: Conform mapping, Initial magnetic field, Elliptic integrals.
The problem of transient electromagnetic fields for a system of two
infinite-high and long non-magnetic bars in cases of current and voltage step
application is completely studied and brilliantly solved in [1], considering the
magnetic field on internal side of the bars constant and evenly distributed and
on the external side of the bars equal to zero.

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CY7C68013A, CY7C68014A CY7C68015A, CY7C68016A


CY7C68013A, CY7C68014A
CY7C68015A, CY7C68016A
FX2LP™ USB Microcontroller
High-Speed USB Peripheral Controller
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation • 198 Champion Court • San Jose, CA 95134-1709 • 408-943-2600
Document Number: 38-08032 Rev. *X Revised January 15, 2015
EZ-USB FX2LP™ USB Microcontroller High Speed USB Peripheral Controller
■ USB 2.0 USB IF Hi-Speed certified (TID # 40460272)
■ Single-chip integrated USB 2.0 transceiver, smart SIE, and
enhanced 8051 microprocessor
■ Fit-, form-, and function-compatible with the FX2
❐ Pin-compatible0
❐ Object-code-compatible
❐ Functionally compatible (FX2LP is a superset)
■ Ultra-low power: I
no more than 85 mA in any mode
❐ Ideal for bus- and battery-powered applications
■ Software: 8051 code runs from:
❐ Internal RAM, which is downloaded through USB
❐ Internal RAM, which is loaded from EEPROM
❐ External memory device (128-pin package)
■ 16 KB of on-chip code/data RAM
■ Four programmable BULK, INTERRUPT, and
❐ Buffering options: Double, triple, and quad
■ Additional programmable (BULK/INTERRUPT) 64-byte
■ 8-bit or 16-bit external data interface
■ Smart media standard ECC generation
■ GPIF™ (general programmable interface)
❐ Enables direct connection to most parallel interfaces
❐ Programmable waveform descriptors and configuration
registers to define waveforms
❐ Supports multiple ready (RDY) inputs and control (CTL)
■ Integrated, industry-standard, enhanced 8051
❐ 48-MHz, 24-MHz, or 12-MHz CPU operation
❐ Four clocks per instruction cycle
❐ Two USARTs
❐ Three counter/timers
❐ Expanded interrupt system
❐ Two data pointers
■ 3.3-V operation with 5-V tolerant inputs
■ Vectored USB interrupts and GPIF/FIFO interrupts
■ Separate data buffers for the setup and data portions of a
CONTROL transfer
■ Integrated I
C controller; runs at 100 or 400 kHz
■ Four integrated FIFOs
❐ Integrated glue logic and FIFOs lower system cost
❐ Automatic conversion to and from 16-bit buses
❐ Master or slave operation
❐ Uses external clock or asynchronous strobes
❐ Easy interface to ASIC and DSP ICs
■ Available in commercial and industrial temperature grades
(all packages except VFBGA)
Features (CY7C68013A/14A only)
■ CY7C68014A: Ideal for battery-powered applications
❐ Suspend current: 100 A (typ)
■ CY7C68013A: Ideal for nonbattery-powered applications
❐ Suspend current: 300 A (typ)
■ Available in five Pb-free packages with up to 40 GPIOs
❐ 128-pin TQFP (40 GPIOs), 100-pin TQFP (40 GPIOs), 56-pin
QFN (24 GPIOs), 56-pin SSOP (24 GPIOs), and 56-pin
Features (CY7C68015A/16A only)
■ CY7C68016A: Ideal for battery-powered applications
❐ Suspend current: 100 A (typ)
■ CY7C68015A: Ideal for nonbattery-powered applications
❐ Suspend current: 300 A (typ)
■ Available in Pb-free 56-pin QFN package (26 GPIOs)
■ Two more GPIOs than CY7C68013A/14A enabling additional



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