Install gdrive terminal on linux ubuntu


Compare directory MD5 crc for double dublicate files

Sure – md5sum directory/*

If you need something a little more flexible (say, for directory recursion or hash comparison), try md5deep.

To compare a directory structure, you can give it a list of hashes to compare against:

This will output all of the files in directory2 that do not match to directory1.

This will not show files that have been removed from directory1 or files that have been added to directory2.

sendmail bash script to send mail

# send mail config



mail command send mail


Godaddy Ssmtp Server Configuration

After the installing  SMTP server   you need this configurations


ssmtp mail server setup and configuration

Install ssmtp Install ssmtp: sudo apt-get install ssmtp

Edit the ssmtp config file : gksu gedit /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf

Enter this in the file:

#!!! Do not use  STARTTLS and  TLS  in the same time,  You cant use both of them in the same time. 

Enter the email address of the person who will receive your email:

Subject: Sent from a terminal!

Your content goes here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing.

To send the email: Ctrl + D

You can also save the text mentioned in Point 5 into a text file and send it using:

ssmtp < filename.txt

Linux install E-mail server and make test

Create a virtual domain, and a virtual user inside that domain

Do a telnet to the port 25 of your server and send a mail to that domain and see if it’s delivered. You can check the error logs through tail -f /var/log/mail.log  -f from a different console. Using telnet is easy

Command line send mail

Postfix configuration