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Linux Sound Card HDMI problems


1.  How can I change the default audio device from command line?

  • Normally Gui of Ubuntu allows you to do that  (System->Preferences->Sound), like the default input/output device and setting the volume.

      If that not works

2. Use The AlsaMixer alsamixer HDMI configuration

F1 – Help
F2 – System Information
F6 – Select Sound Card
Esc – Exit the menu

3. Show the all of the sound devices 

Other Option list cards

4. Change it from GRUB

5. Change the config files and test it by Command Line

Reconfigure again for sound-base


Restart PC test again,  It works on my pc.

This test is very important to find which sound card you need to use,   1, and 3   is important  first is  Device  other is  port.