Install kamailio from git


Business SIP SERVER Companies

The project hosts a public mailing list that can be used for business discussions:

  • business @ lists . kamailio . org

The Kamailio project maintains a directory listing companies and individuals offering commercial products, services or solutions based on Kamailio:

  • Business Directory maintains wiki pages about Kamailio consultants:

  • Kamailio Consultants
  • SER Consultants

Individuals and companies tightly involved in development of the project are offering telephony services (VoIP), consultancy, training, solutions and products:


Typical use cases:

  • standalone SIP server to provide telephony services for large subscribers base
  • scaling SIP IP PBX services (e.g., such as those using Asterisk PBX, CallWeaver or FreeSWITCH)
  • SIP Load Balancer and Failure Routing system
  • SIP Least Cost Routing system
  • SIP Trunking services
  • SIP SIMPLE Presence and Instant Messaging server
  • WebRTC integration to Kamailio and other SIP servers
  • development of new Unified Communication services and integration with Web 2.0

For further relations please contact the Management Team.

SIP Services
For those looking to get a SIP address, here is a list of providers that are know to use Kamailio or SER and allow public registration:

  • – maintained by few Kamailio developers (server located in Germany)
  • – maintained by few Kamailio community members
  • – maintained by SEMS developers
  • – maintained by Ekiga project developers

If you run a SIP service that uses Kamailio or SER and want to be listed here, write an email to our mailing list:

  • <sr-users [at]>

Kamailio command line guide

# ! Command Line

# ! Command Line

# ! Command Line

# —


kamailio install from opensource package


Install kamailio proxy server on ubuntu

# firstly we need to install packages,

#  2 #  We should configure kamalio first time,  MYSQL db and  Configuration of  Kmctl

# 3 # Please  edit  also MYSQL connection configuration inside of

# !##


Please look at  /var/log/syslog


How to install Kamailio and Configuration

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