IPAddress: AddressFamily,MinPort,MaxPort,Serialize

using System;
using System.Net;
class IPEndPointSample {
    public static void Main() {
        IPAddress test1 = IPAddress.Parse("");
        IPEndPoint ie = new IPEndPoint(test1, 8000);
        Console.WriteLine("The IPEndPoint is: {0}",ie.ToString());
        Console.WriteLine("The AddressFamily is: {0}",ie.AddressFamily);
        Console.WriteLine("The address is: {0}, and the port is: {1}
", ie.Address, ie.Port);
        Console.WriteLine("The min port number is: {0}",IPEndPoint.MinPort);
        Console.WriteLine("The max port number is: {0}
        ie.Port = 80;
        Console.WriteLine("The changed IPEndPoint value is: {0}", ie.ToString());
        SocketAddress sa = ie.Serialize();
        Console.WriteLine("The SocketAddress is: {0}",sa.ToString());


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